Solly Azar offers a auto insurance for good drivers

With this agreement car, good drivers will be rewarded

The insurance broker, Solly Azar has just launched a new auto insurance. Dedicated to good drivers, this offer is for holders of a bonus ranging between 0.50 and 0.72. The broker announces a contract to » competitive pricing and flexible «.

Three formulas of different guarantees

Solly Azar is decidedly active in the year 2017. After having launched several products to the auto, the broker-dealer wholesaler offers a new contract of automobile. The latter, however, the market for good drivers. Indeed, the proposed offer is dedicated to owners of a coefficient of reduction/increase (CRM) ranging between 0.50 and 0.72. According to the motor insurance market in the FFSA-GEMA, this represents nearly 85 % of motorists in French. It will be offered three different forms of guarantees :

  • MINI (Civil Liability + Criminal Defense and Recourse After an Accident) ;
  • MEDIAN (MINI + Theft, Fire, Broken glass and Equipment non-series) ;
  • MAX (MEDIAN + Damage all accidents).

Good drivers rewarded

Of the optional coverages may be added to these three formulas. The formula Max Bonus allows, in particular, to ensure to » modulate his contract at the map «. Solly Azar offers «a guarantee from the driver to a maximum of € 500,000 «or even» a partial or total repurchase of the franchise ready for the wheel «. Several support services are in addition to this offer : discount fast road, the e-tow truck, the joker taxi as well as the support increased in the case of services carried out at night.

The broker wholesaler general practitioner insists on competitive rates. They can still be more if the driver demonstrated good driving. Solly Azar specifies that » the holders of a CRM 0.50 more than 3 years old would receive a bonus frozen throughout the life of their contract, including in case of responsible accident «.

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