Soon a Sgam between AG2R La Mondiale and the Matmut ?

AG2R La Mondiale and Matmut : soon to be a new juggernaut of the insurance ?

Late last year, the group Matmut and AG2R La Mondiale entered into exclusive negotiations for a reconciliation that could become effective as early as January 1, 2019. Still have to wait particular the agreement of the governing bodies of each of the two groups. Spotlight.

The main principles validated

Entered a phase of exclusive negotiations, AG2R La Mondiale and the Matmut have recently unveiled the great principles they had presented to their boards of directors in December 2017.

At the conclusion of these presentations, the board of directors has approved the opening of preliminary work as well as the continuation of these negotiations.

For the record, AG2R La Mondiale is a complete group insurance of persons, whose historical position in terms of insurance for non-salaried workers (TNS) is no longer to recall. For its part, the group Matmut, if it is diversified, has made theinsurance of individuals to its core business.

Face the change

This rapprochement between AG2R La Mondiale and the Matmut must allow these two distinguished actors of the insurance to better cope with the major transformations occurring in the sector.

For example, this should result in a strengthening of both competitors, «classic», which tend also to cluster as new actors and new alliances. This should also be the opportunity for the two entities involved to better serve, multi-equip and in turn the loyalty of their customers through an offer of insurance complete for the protection of persons and their property.

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