Swiss Life is committed to the Institut Curie and cancer

Swiss Life is committed to combating cancer

Swiss Life confirmed its commitment to the fight against cancer. One of the leaders on the market of life insurance has once again been the first collector of funds within the framework of the operation » A Daffodil for Curie «.

Swiss Life, the objective is set at 100 000 €

Swiss Life was the biggest collector. The insurer has once again participated in operation » A Daffodil for Curie «. Since 2005, the Foundation of Swiss Life agrees with the Curie Institute and is involved in this operation used to advance research against cancer. For this edition 2018, Swiss Life has thus far yielded 98 000 euros. A sum which is the specialist in life insurance, the first collector of funds within the framework of this operation, » A Daffodil for Curie «.

A sum announced as provisional. For Swiss Life, the goal is to collect 100 000 euros of donations for theInstitut Curie. Thanks to all of its employees and of its distribution networks, the insurer has collected the funds via the digital but also through events. Of the sales of solidarity , or sports days have been put in place.

The centre SIREDO, dedicated to cancers of less than 25 years

These funds are intended to develop the centre of research and care SIREDO (care, innovation, research, oncology, child, adolescent and young adult). This centre is composed of 5 research teams and more than 70 researchers, is entirely dedicated to cancers of less than 25 years. According to the center, 1,700 children under 15 years of age are affected by cancer and 700 young people aged 15 to 19 years are diagnosed each year. If 40 % of these patients, once healed have permanent effects, SIREDO indicates that there are more than 80 % of healing.

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