SwissLife Health Pensioners, the mutual for seniors

«SwissLife Health Pensioners», a new offer for the health of seniors

Reference player in the field of individual and collective health, Swiss Life has recently unveiled a new complementary health guarantees are tailored to the needs of senior citizens. Objective : help older people to live well, longer, preserving their freedom of choice. Spotlight.

Support for caregivers

For pensioners who have liquidated their pension rights as well as to future retirees who have benefited from a collective contract of health insurance Swiss Life, the new contract health «SwissLife Health Retirees » allows you to choose the benefits amongst 8 levels, from 100% to 300%.

The areas covered by this new health insurance correspond exactly to the needs of senior citizens including, for example, specific plans for a limitation on the cost of glasses or complex hearing aids.

In addition, «SwissLife Health-Retirees» do not forget the caregivers of a dependent person, as with this offer, they can access a wide range of support services and receive an annual fee of 500 euros all taxes included (TTC).

A tariff reduction of 10 %

«SwissLife Health Retirees» contains an option called «Retirees + » it is possible to take from level 2 to guarantee for the strengthening of the support in respect of complementary medicine and other practices that are not subject to any refund.

In addition, the option «Retirees +» contains a reinforcement for the dental care that is not supported, a package add-on to the particular room, assistance for funeral expenses in the amount of 1 000 euros as well as the payment of a capital sum of 800 euros in case of total dependence.

In addition, in the framework of its approach to #smartlife Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to meet the expectations of its customers, SwissLife offers, with Carte Blanche Partners, a healthcare network that allows its members access to various services and benefits.

Finally, if you are already covered by Swiss Life via your enterprise, you benefit from a 10% reduction in deciding to purchase the supplemental «SwissLife Health Retirees» at the time of retirement.

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