The employees of The olive tree — auto insurance collected more than 4 000 euros

The olive tree — auto insurance is collecting funds for the Relief Popular

Launched at the initiative of its parent group Admiral, a challenge allowed to The olive tree – auto insurance to illustrate. In effect, employees of the French subsidiary of the european leader in the auto insurance have managed to raise several thousands of euros for thecharity of their choice. Spotlight.

The group Admiral defies its teams

It took 2 months and two weeks to twenty employee volunteers from The olive tree – auto insurance to collect almost 5, 000 euros in response to a challenge launched by the british group Admiral, a leader and specialist car insurance.

Between 12 February and 30 April 2018, 4 teams competed and were talk about their creativity in order to raise maximum money for the charity of their choice.

Thus, in the course of these few weeks, the teams of olivier – auto insurance suggested :

  • roses paper hand-made for Valentine’s day,
  • a lottery open to all,
  • the sale of chocolates and sweets, various,
  • the making of » breakfast box «,
  • a vacuum-dressing,…

4 208,54 euros to the Secours Populaire

A large part of the collected sum, or 4 208,54 euros, will be donated to Secours Populaire Français (SPF), an association that has been chosen by half of the teams in competition, on the 28th of June 2018 in the presence of Jean-Louis Callens, Secretary General of the SPF.

Claiming a corporate culture that is singular with human values, The olive tree – auto insurance believes that the «well-being at work is essential» by the voice of its director-general, Pascal Gonzalvez. And, the person concerned consider that it is also «important» that » the employees feel good «, which explains that the » creativity «, «personal initiatives» as the «causes which [they] are expensive,» to be at their place within the company.

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