The Fondation MAAF Assurances is committed to working with the FOUNDATION and the French Red Cross

The call for projects «Disability and great precariousness» of the Fondation MAAF Assurances

Created at the initiative of the mutuelle MAAF Assurances, the Fondation MAAF Assurances has joined the International Federation of Applied Research on Disability (FOUNDATION) and the French Red Cross. Objective : the launch of a call for applied research projects on the themes of disability and hardship. Explanations.

The call for project «Disability and great insecurity»

Through this research program, it was intended to enable the identification of processes and correlations between situations of disability and hardship. This will propose concrete actions for the improvement of the quality of life of persons with disabilities concerned.

Launched on the 8th of January 2018, and the call for a project called «Disability, and great precariousness » will end on march 23. At the end of this period, the research projects selected will receive funding for 2 years and their results will be the subject of wide dissemination in open access to allow any person or organisation affected by the issue to inform themselves.

To fund initiatives of collective interest

This new commitment of the Fondation MAAF alongside the French Red Cross and the FOUNDATION is inscribed in the continuity of its mission, which, remember, is to support and finance innovative projects for the improvement of the daily lives of people in situation of handicap.

In fact, this new call for projects allows the Foundation to remain close to the needs and concerns of these people and to simplify their daily lives through the funding of initiatives with a character in the collective interest.

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