The Human Safety Net of Generali, it is gone !

Check out the foundation of The Human Safety Net of Generali

Last month, the Generali group announced the global launch of its foundation. Dubbed » The Human Safety Net «, it is based on the principle of the chain of mutual assistance to provide support to the most vulnerable communities. In France, the movement has just been launched. Explanations.

3 programs identified

At the scale of the planet, the foundation of The Human Safety Net has identified the 3 following programs :

  • The promotion ofequality of opportunity for young children from disadvantaged backgrounds,
  • The accompaniment of the beneficiaries of the status of refugee , and willing to undertake,
  • The relief of the new born to cope with the consequences sometimes fatal outcomes of birth asphyxia.


For each of these programs, an association, contact person at the international level should ensure that they are implemented in the countries concerned (Germany, Argentina and France at the present time), to share the methodology and ensure the coordination of the action of local associations.



The child up to 6 years

In france, Generali France refuses to accept The Human Safety Net and programs for entrepreneurs, refugees and the families have just been launched, with the support of associations established expertise.

Thus, for the program on contractors refugees, what are the associations Singa France and Place which have been chosen for the implementation of a training aimed at that particular audience. For example, they can test their project during the «labs» and submit it to the discretion of a jury.

In regards to The Human Safety Net for families, the program covers the first 6 years of the child, during which time its capacity for learning are the most important. This program is carried out in France, with the support of theassociation’s policy and procedure manuals.

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