The insurance «Guarantee of the unpaid rents at the map» of Solly Azar

Insurance unpaid rent : Solly Azar presents his new contract

While we note a significant increase in the number of proceedings for non-payment of rent, Solly Azar has just unveiled its insurance coverage » Guarantee of the unpaid rents at the map «. It offers a reinforced protection of the owners with its comprehensive warranties and its » services to the forefront «, according to a press release. Presentation.

A guarantee for unpaid rent, but with many advantages

With his new offering «security for unpaid rent to the board,» the dealer Solly Azar offers a form of insurance that shows the benefits and features the following :

  • The guarantee of the unpaid rents up to € 2 500 per month for 30 months,
  • The property damage up to eur 10 000,
  • Legal protection included up to 5 000 euros per claim,
  • The costs of the proceedings, and dispute unlimited,
  • The guarantee in case of premature departure or death of the tenant,
  • A rate adapted according to the profile of the tenant,
  • A rate of effort up to 38 %,
  • The possibility of guaranteeing the tenants already present in places.

A guide to inform the owners donors

Beyond the characteristics mentioned above, the insurance unpaid rents of Solly Azar is distinguished by an exclusive advantage : thecompensation quick loss.

In effect, in lieu of the quarterly payments commonly offered by other actors in the market to guarantee unpaid rent, the broker wholesaler general practitioner can now benefit from a monthly payment for compensation related to claims unpaid rent «.

In addition, this provides a «Guarantee of the unpaid rents at the map» gives rise to a communication by e-mail in the event of litigation procedure, which allows the landlord to follow in support of the claim the statement of claim itself to the resolution of the dispute.

Finally, Solly Azar now offers a » Guide to owners, lessors «. For dealers and its customers, owners, lessors, this document facilitates the steps, if any, to accomplish throughout the life of the insurance contract for unpaid rent, but by replying to the principal questions (insurance, procedures in case of non-payment of rent, deadlines for compensation, etc.).

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