The insurance two-wheeled Solly Azar enriched and less expensive

Solly Azar decline in the prices of its new motorcycle insurance

Specialist of insurance of two-wheelers for over 20 years, Solly Azar has decided to review its contract bike. In effect, the broker, wholesaler, ota has expanded the insurance offering and now offers , price reductions. Spotlight.

All the clothing accessories of security covered

Designed by bikers and specialists in the French market of two-wheelers, the contract of motorcycle insurance brings more new features, both in terms of security as protection to enthusiasts of 2 wheels.

First of all, although the insurance of two-wheeled Solly Azar already contains inclusion a guarantee helmet, its new revised and updated version now provides for thecompensation of the gloves of the driver and his passenger in case of road accident. Thus, all the clothing accessories of safety of the rider may be covered by the insurance of the broker, the vest, airbag jacket through the jacket and the combination.

Then, Solly Azar offers an option for «redemption franchise full accident » if there is a loss involving an identified third party. Flexible, this benefit allows the insured to choose the option or the damage deductible for all accidents and theft/fire fixed of 400 euros, which is the total redemption of the franchise, damage all accidents. It is the means to the insured to customize its contract, but also to adjust its needs and its budget.

Finally, taking into account current uses, the broker offers a lower tariff of 10 % on various categories of vehicles (roadsters, customs, trail, basic,…).

A motorcycle insurance customizable which allows you to save money

With its 4 forms of warranties, its various options as well as its franchises of the type of flexible, insurance, two-wheelers, of Solly Azar appears relevant for many profiles of drivers.

In addition, it presents a flexible character. Thus, as stated by the dealer in a press release, a motorcycle enthusiast can be choosing the warranty » suspension weather « to save on the amount of his insurance premium motorcycle when his vehicle remains in the garage, which can represent up to half a year of non-use.

Responsible for offers: «Fire, accidents and miscellaneous risks» (p & c) chez Solly Azar, Christopher Michal recalled that the insurance of two-wheels is a «segment of choice» for the broker that shows «strong ambitions» in this competitive market.

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