The Macif and Aesio unite to become the leader of the mutual

Macif has just announced its union with Aesio

By 2020, a group prudential will see the light of day. The Macif group and Aesio come to announce their union to become a giant company. This alliance portends figures monstrous : 8 million insured persons and a budget of nearly 8 billion euros.

The creation of a giant insurance

A behemoth of the insurance will see the light of day in 2020. Aesio, which reports to the code de la Mutualité and the Macif, which depends on the insurance code, have just announced their next union. «Two years ago, we envisioned to create Aesio with Adrea and Apreva, but we quickly discovered that it would be difficult to stay on the one activity of complementary health,» says Maurice Ronat, president ofEovi MCD Mutual and the union mutual group (UMG) Aesio. It is for this reason that, after a call for tender in order to find the right partner pension, Aesio has retained the Macif.

A union in three stages

The partnership will be finally in a broader perspective. The president of the Macif, Alain Montarant explains that the commitment to expand this union emanates particular issue of » the political and institutional representation, the connections between actors of different codes (Ed, codes of mutuality and insurance) giving capacity for influence just multiplied.» It is thus that they have announced the creation of a group supervisory in three steps. In 2018 will be created a union of mutualist group, then it will be in 2019 the creation of a limited liability company owned in equal shares to the pension fund. In 2020, this project will give birth to a society of a mutual insurance group (Sgam).

An insurer with 8 million members/adherents

This union will position the group as one of the leaders in various markets of the insurance. This mutualist group will represent as » a community of almost 8 million members and adherents with more than 8 billion € in turnover and 5.8 billion euros of own funds. In different markets, the group will position itself as the leader in : auto insurance, or death insurance.

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