The Macif group announced its ecosystem, » The Essential by Macif «

The Macif the unveiling of a new ecosystem of print and digital

The Macif group, has recently announced the deployment of its new system for brand content (» brand content «). Referred to as » The Essential by Macif «, this new ecosystem, both print and digital appears to be in line with the brand promise : «The power to act on the essential «. Of exclusive content, in particular, enable the members and future members Macif to do every day. Presentation.

A new site for the Macif

With this media channel, the Macif wants to retain its 5.3 million member-customers, to make its brand more attractive and enhance the preference for its various audiences.

In line with the new modes of news consumption, «The main part by Macif» unfolds on the 3 media editorials :

  • The magazine : for member-customers of the Macif group, the magazine is undergoing a diffusion of the semi-annual. Thought of as a guide, he comes to the aid of the various audiences of the group of mutual insurance to make the right choices on a daily basis and provide information about offers, services and news Macif,
  • The site : for all, this new site offers information, useful services and practical advice in the form of articles, videos, or quizzes to take action daily,
  • Page Facebook : channel of interaction between the partners Macif and the general public, this page writes the contents of the site and allows you to create a link with the internet users through quizzes, surveys,…etc



A «rendez-vous quality reading»

Beyond the content offered, «The Essential by Macif» offers a new creative universe original with its own stylistic codes. As well, photographers, illustrators, and other designers regularly take part in the device for a different way to express themselves.

In line with the commitment to «Think and act customer «of the Macif, the different exclusive content of the device» The most of it by Macif » are the opportunity for the mutual insurance group to embody concretely his posture of cover to allow to act in each of the situations of life.

Director of communications at the Macif group, Rosane Le Roux believes that this new device also introduces a «rendez-vous quality reading «that reflects the» image of modern and dynamic of the Group «.

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