The Macif group mobilized for the energy transition and the sustainable economy

The Macif finance the real economy

Signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment, United Nations (PIR), the Macif group has launched its 2nd report on the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). This document reflected, inter alia, of the management which is pragmatic and sustainable of its assets for the benefit of its members. Spotlight.

The Macif goes beyond its regulatory obligations

In the new report of sustainability, three key actions are the perfect illustration of the policy of corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the group for this exercise :

  • The active pursuit of the role as a committed player of the Macif in favour of the energy transition,
  • The exclusion of direct investments with companies that are developing new coal-fired power plants and producers of tobacco,
  • The contribution to the fight against child labour.

While commitments already significant go beyond regulatory obligations to which it is subject, the Macif has decided to go further by taking on new commitments. Thus, as of this year, the mutual insurance group has proceeded to the exclusion of its investments, the developers of new coal-fired power plants, which are in addition to producers of thermal coal. In this way, the Macif still «in the nails» the objective climate to 2 degrees arrested with theParis Agreement on climate.

Macif is involved in the financing of the real economy

Last year, the Macif group has continued to invest in the real economy as illustrated by the following information :

  • 25 million euros outstanding in December 2017 for the thematic fund» impact investing « that consists exclusively of innovative players of a niche who take part in the protection of the environment, and people and respond to the societal issues related to the protection of the environment, and people,
  • 231 million euros outstanding in December 2017 for infrastructure funds comprised of companies that finance, build, operate and develop projects in the sectors of renewable energies, the distribution of water or the construction of social infrastructure,
  • 249 million euros outstanding in December 2017 to fund capital investment such as Territories, Innovative,
  • 823 million euros outstanding in December 2017 for the loan funds to the economy.

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