The Macif group to adopt a new social model

The 4 components of the new social model of the Macif

On march 29, 2018, the Macif group has signed the constituent agreements of its new social model (SNM) with the CFDT and the CFE-CGC , which represent almost 70% of the workforce. The result of 18 months of negotiations, the agreement demonstrates the ability of transformation of the mutual insurance group and appears as a response to the ambitious strategic plan #macifutur » Think and act customer «. Spotlight.

What is new in the market and new behaviors

After negotiations carried on for 18 months and full of a hundred meetings and exchanges, the final agreements were signed on the 29th of march last by the French democratic Confederation of labour (CFDT) and the Confédération française de l’encadrement — Confédération générale des cadres (CFE-CGC).

According to the press release of the Macif, these agreements combine social performance and economic, while focusing on the quality of life at work (QVT), equity, employability, but also the sharing of wealth.

Indispensable stage of the strategic plan #macifutur, NMS reflects the «movement » of the group in view of the sustainability of its mutual model and its projection to the future, the aim being to meet the expectations of the member-customers.

In addition, these agreements allow to take into account market developments as well as new behaviors, such as the acceleration of the digitalization and the emergence of new professions.

The 4 components of this new social model

The NMS consists of 10 texts conventional bargaining simultaneously and it relates to the four » structural elements «:

  • Accessibility and performance — organisation of working time : referring to an » environment that has become hyper-competitive «, the Macif group considers that the sustainability of the company now depends on the accessibility of the network and of customer relations, the performance and the excellence of the customer relationship and the efficiency of service provided to members. To this end, the agreements of march 29, provide for a work time of the reference fixed at 35 hours and homogenized for all employees. In addition, the increase in working time is compensated for by compensation elements both individual and collective such as the increase in direct salary, or increase of contributions additional voluntary retirement savings ;
  • Equity and recognition of individual performance — remuneration policy : the principles and rules concerning the compensation, its evaluation and its evolution are the subject of a harmonization for greater equity between the employees of the Macif group, the skills, performance and individual contributions to be more recognized ;
  • Skills development — employability : in response to the changes in technology and the market, the Macif seeks to allow its employees to have visibility of its future needs, and to offer them support so that they can realize and operate in the framework of their professional career. It will be possible with the NMS and the policy of forward-looking management of employment and competencies (GPEC) of the group ;
  • Quality of life at work (QVT) : Macif wants to reconcile social performance and economic performance by ensuring that the working conditions of the employees of the company promote a high quality of work that meets the expectations of the membership as well as balance of private and working life. For example, the NMS provides for the implementation of distance work.


Finally, note that the new social model of the Macif group will enter into effect as of January 1, 2019.

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