The MAIF becomes a major partner of the French BasketBall Federation

The MAIF is continuing its commitment to sport with the FFBB

Under a new agreement, the MAIF has become the major partner of the French BasketBall Federation (FFBB), as well as Teams from France male and female until 2022. This agreement, which represents a new step in thecommitment to sport of the MAIF, provides, in particular, to support the development of the practice of basketball in France. Explanations.

The insurance risks of the FFBB covered by the MAIF

This new partnership agreement entered into by the MAIF with the FFBB is articulated around the following axes :

  • The visibility on the jerseys of the Teams from France male and female,
  • The development of urban practices with the new olympic discipline 3×3, which is played on half a pitch and a basket,
  • The cover of the French BasketBall Federation in the framework of its actions to the general public,
  • The insurance risks of the FFBB (civil liability, assistance and warranty damage to property).

If MAIF has entered into this new partnership, it is because of the attractiveness of the FFBB which has more than 680, 000 members , but also its willingness to develop the practice of basketball in a variety of forms. For example, MAIF must take part in the program «FFBB Citizen» and participate in the development of 3×3.

Finally, the values defended by the Federation (citizen engagement, education through sport, respect) echo the vision of the MAIF who wants to » enhance the educational dimension and a citizen of sports «.

The MAIF, the first insurer in the French non-profit world

This new partnership entered into by the MAIF illustrates its growing involvement with the French players in the sport. Thus, it has already given its support to various olympic federations.

Moreover, this commitment of the MAIF vis-à-vis the French sport is both historical and founder , since it is neither more nor less that the first insurer in the associative world in France with more than 142 000 sports clubs and associations covered by the federations insured with MAIF. In total, this concerns more than 2.5 million practitioners.

Chairman of the group, MAIF, Dominique Mahé said he is «pleased» that the mutual insurance company is now able to accompany a «great olympic federation» such as the FFBB. This new agreement also allows you to «reinforce the anchor» of the MAIF with » key players of the French sport «.

President of the FFBB, Jean-Pierre Suitat expressed his «great pride» to welcome the MAIF as new «Official Partner» of the federation and Teams of France, both male and female.

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