The MAIF has investigated the risks of digital

The MAIF is interested in the digital life of the French

With the help of Reputation Squad, the MAIF has recently unveiled the results of its survey devoted to the way in which the French are apprehensive about e-reputation and risk digital. She has analyzed 350 000 statistical data collected through its outreach called » My Data and Me «. Spotlight.

Of RT without verification of the tweet original

First, this new survey demonstrates an effective «porosity of the boundaries between personal life and digital life » of the French. Thus, 39 % of them admit to knowing only a part of some 177 friends that they have on average on the social network Facebook.

In addition, the French are struggling to grasp all the implications of their digital activities. For example, on Twitter, they do not remember a fifth of the tweets they have published, and in one out of four, they retweet without having taken the trouble to check the content of the link in the tweet initial.

Too little French to consult with the GTU

The survey «My Data and Me» the MAIF and the Reputation Squad, reveals that 3/4 of French people are worried about the security of their personal data. A concern that increases with age, as it affects 66 % of the 0-18 year-but 83 % of 61-75 years.

In addition, as to the value of their personal data, the French have not yet taken the full measure. Well, half of them never read the terms and conditions of use (GCU) of these services, such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube that they use quite often. Their discharge, because of their length, these documents are not easy to access.

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