The Maif has posted a net profit up 44 % year on year

The Maif has posted a net result of 184 million euros in 2017

The mutual insurer, Maif has announced that it has released last year a net profit of € 184 million. An increase of 44 % compared to 2016.

The second-best performance over the last ten years

The results of the insurer niortais are excellent. The Maif has in a statement announced its net income for 2017. The fifth motor insurer Hex has reached 184 million euros last year. A result in net increase from 2016. It grew by 44 %. For the insurer, it is his second best performance over the past ten years, reports that its director-general, Pascal Demurger. The peak having been reached in 2014 with a net result of 194 million euros.

These results are all the more excellent they have been achieved in a year of claims of climate «particularly high» and despite «a new year of moderation tariff compared to the market,» explains the press release. For what is the loss ratio, the only storm Irma has cost 32 million euros to the Maif.

The goal of 140,000 new members should be reached

To achieve this result, the Maif has been able to count on several factors. The transfer to Natixis of its 15 per cent stake in BPCE Assurances and the realization of capital gains required are part of these factors that are deemed exceptional by Pascal Demurger. The general director of the insurer niortais explained to the newspaper Les Echos that even without these factors, the Maif would » still posted a net result of 130 million euros, a 2.5% year on year to € 2.8 billion. «This increase is quite close to that of the market, but it has been carried out for the Maif with rate increases lower than» those of other insurers, has detailed Dr. Demurger. In addition, the group Maif account 36 000 new members and is said to be able to reach its goal of 140,000 new insured set out in its strategic plan for the period 2015-2018.

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