The Maif is still the leader in the field of customer experience

Maif, best company in customer experience

Thecustomer experience is an area where excels the mutual niortaise. According to a study conducted by the consulting firm KPMG, the Maif is a leader in the field. Insurance in general is ahead of all other sectors of the economy.

The insurance sector is at the forefront in the field

For insurers, the customer experience is a line of work essential. And it feels like. The consulting firm KPMG has recently carried out a study on the subject and has established a classification, all sectors of the economy combined. In the first position, the insurance industry sees its efforts rewarded. It beat the sector of specialty retail and retail food. The restoration, the bank, the journey, the energy or even the public sector, and health complete the classification.

For this study, the consulting firm KPMG looked at the different factors that are considered as the pillars of the customer experience :

  • Customization ;
  • The time and effort ;
  • The answers to the problems ;
  • Expectations ;
  • Integrity ;
  • The empathy.

Of the key points that are in addition to those more traditional such as the level of fidelity or the value price.

The Maif already award-winning customer relationship

If the insurance is at the forefront of the customer experience, it is not surprising to find 3 insurers in the top 10 of the best companies in the area. The GMF is 10th, while Macif takes the 6th position. But the undisputed leader is the Maif. The mutual niortaise is ahead of all other companies in terms of customer experience. One area where the insurance has already been rewarded multiple times. Since the beginning of the year, this is the third reward. In march last, the Maif had indeed won the Podium de la relation client. The barometer, created by Kantar TNS and Bearing Point, as it is considered as a reference on the subject. «When we establish a culture of trust, accountability, and benevolence in the company, which is reflected in the customer experience,» welcomes Pascal Demurger, director-general of the Maif.

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