The Manufactures Aviva announces winning projects

The Manufactures Aviva 2018 : the project Mr Organics receives 85 000 euros

Initiative of the insurer Aviva France, The Manufactures Aviva has unveiled its shortlist for the edition 2018. With an endowment of one million euros, this event has helped to reward 35 winners whose project high-impact social and/or environmental was able to convince the national jury of The Manufactures. Presentation of the new winners.


85 000 euros for the project, Mr Organics

Beginning 2018, The Manufactures Aviva invited the social entrepreneurs to submit their project online to its 3rd edition.

In total, 1 580 project holders high-impact social and/or environmental responded to the call of Aviva and, in fine, they are 140 finalists who have been nominated by the public. In June 2018, the lucky finalists have been heard by juries regional before designating 21 award-winning projects in the regions. They received a donation of 15,000 euros. Two projects «Blow of heart» have received 20,000 euros by the employees and general agents Aviva.

In addition, the juries regional have selected 12 projects that participated in the 19 June at the grand oral in front of a national jury. The latter has selected 12 «Big Winners» that were presented in the budget envelopes in the amount of 25 000 or 50 000 euros.

It should finally be noted that, in addition to a budget of 50 000 euros, the project Mr Organics, elected to «Cut the heart» of the jury, has received 35 000 euros extra.

Who are the 12 «Big Winners» ?

Beyond the budgetary envelopes mentioned above, the 140 finalist projects will be able to benefit from the next school year a coaching in the implementation of an operation of crowd-funding (» crowdfunding «), with the assistance of Tudigo (ex-Bulb in Town), specialized platform.

In addition, 4 projects of the «Big Winners», recipients of the envelopes of € 50 000 will be monitored for a year by BGE, network of associations of national aid for the creation of companies that accompanies the entrepreneurs from the emergence of the idea until the development of the company.

Finally, the 140 finalists who have not won awards, or 105 projects, will receive aid of eur 2 000.

Find below the list of the 12 «Big Winners» of the 3rd edition of The Mill Aviva :

  • Mr Organics (» Coup de coeur » of the jury — 85 000 euros) : this company manufactures and distributes biostimulants certified for organic agriculture. Purpose : to help individuals and farmers to switch to organic farming,
  • Média’Pi ! (50 000 euros) : the media is the only one in France to propose to the deaf and hard of hearing texts in French and sign language videos,
  • Troctachambre (50 000 euros) : the winner is interested in the exchange of room against room or in a room against services between students,
  • My EXTRA box (50 000 euro) : it is a survival kit developed by the association of parents My Handi’in cape town to make a quick response to simple questions about the disability from its onset in a relative,
  • Frello (25 000 euro) : this start-up offers a format for learning French based on a mobile application and taking into account the language of the learner,
  • EcoTree (€25 000) : with funding from the planting of trees in France, companies and individuals can limit their carbon impact,
  • Tero Loko (€25 000) : persons who were granted asylum in France, and more broadly public in a situation of fragility, are offered the means to rebuild, and to insert himself in a dignified and sustainable in a rural setting, they contribute to the growth,
  • Maestro Health (€25 000) : for patients, this app provides access to the dosage of medical treatments, consult a medical record of an emergency and discuss with their pharmacist,
  • A look for you (€25 000) : this association offers different forms of assistance for the development of the autonomy of visually impaired persons in terms of clothing (labelling innovative, personalized shopping, etc.),
  • The scenarios Charli (25 000 euros) : the winner wants to bring a response to a deficiency of recreation in the able-bodied and those with disabilities through the creation of a park of almost 4 000 square metres,
  • «Tourism and Handicap « (25 000 euros) : the project intends to valorize the waste inert construction through processes of engineering, ecological,
  • BimBamCertif (25 000 euro) : this is the 1st specialized certification in the sector of assistance to people with validation of a route back to employment comprehensive, fully online, personalised, and using new tools.

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