The Manufactures Aviva invites you to submit your project online

This is the time to submit your project to The Manufactures Aviva

Sponsorship operation proposed by the insurer Aviva, The Manufactures Aviva returns for a 3rd season. Since yesterday and until February 20, 2018, the social entrepreneurs are invited to submit their projects online. Spotlight.

Up to 85 000 euros endowment

Until 20 February next, social entrepreneurs are invited to proceed with the filing of their project on the web platform, collaborative Manufactures Aviva.

Once this deposit is made, it will be for the general public to vote online between march 6 and April 10, 2018 in order to select the 140 finalists will then be judged by juries of local and a national jury. Each of the finalists will receive a budget ranging between eur 2 000 and 85 000 euros.

Since 2016, The Manufactures Aviva offers a guidance to projects useful and innovative in terms ofenvironment, social links, health andemployment. In the space of 2 years, 2 300 social entrepreneurs have participated in, and 118 the Great Winners have been selected for a total allocation of € 2 million.

Investments in hardware

For its 3rd edition, The Manufactures Aviva has asked former finalists to better understand their needs, and their initial motivations.

It appears that the overwhelming majority of them (editor’s note : 93 %) took part in this adventure in response to a need for financing ; 55 % wanted to benefit from a visibility most important, and 34 % were attended by a taste for challenge. Other participants, meanwhile, spoke of the desire to structure their project (17 %), meeting other social entrepreneurs (15 %) and participation in a group project (9 %).

Thanks to the endowments that they have received, 45 % of the finalists and Winners were able to make investments in equipment and 33 % in the intangible capital to develop a website, application, or prototype, for example. It should also be noted that 27 % of them have invested in marketing and communication, and 22 % have proceeded to thehiring of employees.

Finally, 84 % of the finalists of The Mill Aviva entrust now have more confidence in the future thanks to this experience.

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