The Matmut covers the 1st test of the european autonomous cars on open roads

The Matmut insures the autonomous vehicles of the » Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab «

If the marketing of the autonomous car is not for today, builders, equipment manufacturers and players of automobile insurance are already at work. Last example : this mobility project at the request provided for in the metropolis of Rouen. A first in Europe provided by Matmut ! Explanations.

4 Renault ZOE 100 % autonomous

Beside the industrial partners Transdev, subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts and Veolia and Renault, we find the group Matmut, which is therefore part of the project called » Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab «.

Presented a few days ago, the service of mobility to the application appears as the first european. More specifically, at the end of a testing phase, 5 gear power 100 % self-sustaining area in the spring of 2018 to be used by the inhabitants of the metropolis for 2 years.

These autonomous vehicles will perform 3 loops of 10 kilometers within the Technopole du Madrillet with 17 points off where it will be possible to order them in time via an application.

This fleet of vehicles are 100 % autonomous will consist of 4 Renault ZOE. For 2 of these vehicles, the embedded technology is developed by Renault ; in contrast, for 2 other autonomous cars, it is carried out by Transdev, oem Delphi and Esigelec, as well as by local actors.

From 2019, the fleet of autonomous vehicles that is respectful of the environment will host a shuttle equipped with the technology Department. In total, this operation will require a total investment of 11 million euros, 60 % being borne by private actors, including one million euros for the Matmut.

The driver of the responsible vehicle

This ambitious project should allow for studying the behaviour of gears autonomous when they are on the public road in a situation of sharing the road.

Installed in Rouen, the group Matmut brings his expertise in insurance on this project. Group director within the Directorate General Assistant (DGA) Production of Matmut, Olivier Shark sees the opportunity to » go beyond the stage of reflection.»

In practice, the vehicles will have first a driver inactive who can intervene if necessary. The formula of auto insurance Matmut does, since it has been designed according to traditional principles based on the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle. Despite the presence of a driver in the cabin, Olivier Shark believes that it is a «field of observation is ideal in the urban environment» for the study «behaviors of the autonomous vehicle» and discover his » reactions if no driver was on board «.

In the framework of the project » Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab «, it is also necessary to take account of the value of autonomous vehicles. Thus, the fact of the technology that they carry, their cost ranges between 500 000 and 600 000 euros. However, Olivier Shark wants to be reassuring because the speed is limited to 50 kilometres per hour in the urban area concerned.

Finally, as a member of the working group » Motor connected « established within the French Federation of Insurance (FFA), the Matmut should share its experience with other insurance players. Thus, this project will feed into the reflection on the insurance of autonomous vehicles.

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