The Matmut unveils its rates auto and HRM to 2018

Rates on auto insurance, health and HRM to the Matmut in 2018 ?

After having presented its new offers home insurance, the group Matmut comes to communicate about its rates, insurance auto, health and HRM for the next year. We learn in particular that there will be no tariff increase for residential policies. Review of details.

An average increase of 2.7% in auto

Even if one expects a general increase in insurance rates for 2018, the group Matmut has decided not to proceed to any revaluation tariff household insurance.

On the other hand, an increase in the rates of car insurance is suggested, but it will be » [limited] the strict necessary adjustments «. In question, an increase in the cost of claims attributable to a rise in the cost of vehicle repairs and allowances paid to victims of bodily injury.

More specifically, the group Matmut announced an average increase of 2.7% from its rates auto insurance for 2018 before specifying that it can be attenuated or abolished by the application of the bonus-malus and discounts. Also note that some car models (family, roads,…) will benefit from tariff reductions next year.

«Ociane Health Evolution» will not increase

In the matter of the mutual health, it is also a tariff increase that is emerging for the insurance industry, and this, for various reasons (spending health, plan hospital, etc.).

However, Ociane Group Matmut, the body responsible for the management of the business health of the group Matmut, will not increase the contribution of its «Ociane Health Evolution» in 2018.

In contrast, for other contracts, health proposed, the evolution of the prices will oscillate between 2% and 5% depending on the guarantees.

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