The new format for the distribution of Allianz : the Mobile Agency

To go to the meeting of its policyholders, Allianz has created the Mobile Agency

With its general agents, Allianz France has recently unveiled theMobile Agency, new distribution format unpublished. Both commercial agency, events space and a place of welcome, this vehicle should enable Allianz to conquer new territories. Presentation.

A customer experience unique

Truck fitted out 15m2, the Mobile Agency Allianz has all the necessary equipment to offer clients the same services as in the agency’s » traditional «.

Indeed, the development of the vehicle has been specially thought to offer a host of quality coupled with a customer experience unique in 2 distinct spaces :

  • A reception area, with brackets in the free consultation,
  • An office user-friendly and confidential with all the necessary devices to provide the best service to the customer.



Better visibility for Allianz

For the general agents of Allianz, the Mobile Agency that helps increase their commercial space available with this agency touring. It is also the means to «capture the stream of new customers» and benefit from a better visibility on » catchment areas extended «.

On the side of customers and prospects, the Mobile Agency Allianz facilitates meetings with an agency that comes to them in a semi-rural or so-called «flow-temporary» as the markets for example.

Designed in collaboration with general agents Allianz, this vehicle unusual is currently circulating on the roads of Lozere, in the region of Occitania. But, the insurer would like it to be extended at national level to complement its territorial network in metropolitan france and in the overseas Departments and the overseas Territories (DOM-TOM).

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