The olive — insurance auto leases its services through two TV spots

A new advertising campaign to promote the services of car assistance

The olive tree insurance, an insurer specializing in auto insurance, about to be released, two new TV spots to quirky humour. The goal is clear : to rent its services in the event of loss, and its rapidity of intervention.

Boast the services of assistance of the olive tree – auto insurance

The olive — insurance assumes the quirky humor. Through a new advertising campaign, the company specializing in automobile insurance highlights the quality of its services in the event of claims occurring on your vehicle. The two TV spots, produced in collaboration with the agency MullenLowe Paris, in fact, evoke two services offered by the insurer :

  • The intervention of a convenience store in less than 45 minutes ;
  • The loan of a vehicle in cases of immobilization.



An advertising campaign that focuses on the humor

Available from 29 January 2018 on the main terrestrial channels (TF1, France Télévisions and M6) and the various chains of the TNT, this new advertising campaign focusing on the humor. Taking the example of adultery or a » weekend boat «, the insurer wishes to demonstrate that it is not important to have » an agency’s physical and it to be searchable first-hand, at any time, but be there when consumers are really in need «. By being saved in extremis a situation inextirpable, the insured of the olive tree — auto insurance can thank the efficiency of their company.

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