The proposals of the law COVENANT on the savings that have been acclaimed by the AFER

The AFER salutes the guidelines for the reform of the savings

A few days ago, Bruno Le Maire, in quality of minister of Economy and Finance, has unveiled its proposals for the reform of the savings to the occasion of the new edition of the Foundation Savings and Taxation. The French Association of savings and retirement (AFER) has welcomed in a press release. Spotlight.

Gérard Bekerman welcome the law COVENANT

When editing 2018 Foundation’s Savings and Taxation, Bruno Le Maire, has unveiled its proposals for the reform of the savings. These proposals are in the draft law on growth and business transformation (PACT) which, again, should allow the establishment of a » new relationship of trust between the investors and the French economy «, in the words of the minister of Economy and Finance.

In front of the members of the AFER who attended in large numbers, Gérard Bekerman, president of the Association, has responded in a positive manner praising the» orientation towards the financing of firms » for life insurance contracts, a fund Eurocroissance reinforced or even the retirement savings simplified.

A new article to the general tax Code

Further, Gérard Bekerman has considered that the law COVENANT was a «major step forward» with a «state of mind «to be both» healthy and innovative «, which combines » freedom and responsibility of the investor «. This new scheme will allow investors with the French, who have a life insurance or a product retirement to opt for the output in capital.

When these new Foundations of the Savings and Taxation, the members of the AFER have adopted 5 proposals for amendments and requested that an article 1 is added to the general tax Code (CGI) in order that thelegitimate interest of the taxpayers to prevail.

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