This is the time of the first balance sheet for Generali Vitality

2,000 companies have joined the program Generali Vitality

It’s been almost a year, the Generali group launched its programme of health prevention called » Generali Vitality «. On the occasion of an event devoted to health insurance, the insurer has drawn up an initial balance sheet. State of the premises.

2 000 member companies of the program

Freshly welcomed at its launch — Marisol Touraine, minister of social Affairs and Health, had not hidden his concern — the program of health prevention Generali Vitality once again to speak to him.

During the 15th meeting of the Health Insurance, a major milestone has been achieved by Clear Lasvergnas, director of insurance solutions to the collective at Generali France.

Thus, it was learned that approximately 2 000 businesses had joined the program, approximately 40 000 employees. In addition, the impact on medical consumption is currently less than 1 %.

Discount vouchers to win

The 15th meeting of the Health Insurance have also found that 80% of the French employees concerned have completely filled out the initial questionnaire assessment, which enabled them to know their » age of Vitality «.

In contrast, the medical questionnaire as well as thepsychological assessment of the employees have not had the same success. Indeed, this disinterest is not confined to the French employees and has been noticed elsewhere in the world where the prevention program was able to be deployed.

For memory, this program Generali Vitality gives you access to coupons from corporate partners. To do this, it is necessary to fill the physical objectives, such as buying fruit and vegetables or walk on a daily basis a number of not defined.

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