With » Allianz Arts and Collections «, Allianz wants to conquer the art market

Art market : Allianz France presents «Allianz Arts and Collections»

Allianz France has launched a new insurance product called «Allianz Arts and Collections » which, as its name indicates, is designed to protect the property of exception as well as works of art, More precisely, its safeguards help ensure collections and exhibitions against risks of various kinds (theft, vandalism, fire, water damage,…). Spotlight.

«Allianz Arts and Collections» is better than warranty damage

In terms of volume of sales, France is the fourth market of the art in the world. In addition, there are over 2,000 museums and temporary exhibitions programmed each year are legion. Finally, last year, the art market has increased by 20 % and now constitutes an investment alternative for companies, in particular.

Partner of the Museum of Modern Art, New York — the famous «Museum of Modern Art or «MoMA» — and a leader on the art market in Germany, Allianz now wants to expand in france by launching the new insurance contract » Allianz Arts and Collections «.

Works of art, collections and property of exception may be damaged or destroyed in a disaster, and this, in spite of the precautions that have been taken. In echo to the specific types of the art market, Allianz France offers a protection flexible with «Allianz Arts and Collections» which can be accompanied with or without franchise. This contract can also pay for the diminished value of the goods and to take account of the agreed value. This helps to address limitations of warranty damage to «classic» which does not appear adapted to works of art, collections and other property of exception (according to wear and tear, high-deductible amounts of the limited warranty,…).

The guarantees of the offer «Allianz Arts and Collections»

The solution «Allianz Arts and Collections» is intended for museums, foundations, communities and companies present in France, but also to the organizers of art exhibitions temporary , which take place in France or abroad. On the other hand, it does not apply to individuals or art professionals such as conservators, art dealers, antique dealers or gallery owners.

In addition, this new offer of insurance offered by Allianz France covers the following risks :

  • flight,
  • vandalism,
  • fire,
  • water damage,
  • and other equipment damage accidental.

«Allianz Arts and Collections» allows you to benefit from a custom coverage thanks to its safeguards are appropriate to the objects of art or collections. We can mention helter-skelter the take into account of the impairment of assets in the event of insured loss, the formula «nail to nail» them during transport and handling outside the place of insurance usual, the warranty in case of stay in a third-party, or the costs of emergency for the preservation of property and the works insured.

Of course, the insured is free to choose between an insurance agreed value or declared value. Similarly, he has the choice between a contract with or without a deductible.

Finally, if there is a claim, Allianz France puts a expert of insurance available to the insured for a valuation of that claim, the definition of the most suitable solution as well as the commitment fee and emergency securing of property contractually covered.

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