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Ninety Business Ideas With Low Investment #BusinessIdeas


If your corporation in 2015 yielded profitable returns, then I commend you on your success! For residential cleaning services, you can start the enterprise with almost nothing. Therefore, laundry is among the small enterprise ideas you can begin with no capital. If you wish to begin a programming business, chances are you’ll have to specialize […]

Why You Might Need Professional Financial Services

Why You Might Need Professional Financial Services

It’s never easy to plan and balance your finances. In fact, many people find this a very difficult task. Fortunately, there are professionals who can help make things easier for you. You might be currently asking yourself – do I really need professional services? Good financial advice shouldn’t come from just anybody. It is in […]

5 Professional Liability Exposures Every Tech Business Has

Exposures Every Tech Business Has

For many IT professionals, Technology Liability Insurance (aka Professional Liability Insurance) is required by client contracts. It’s a standard part of doing business. But this Professional Liability Insurance is more than that because it offers protection for five professional exposures that all IT professionals face: Client miscommunication. Shifting deadlines. Scope creep. Copyright infringement. Simple mistakes. […]

Professional Liability Insurance #ProfessionalLiabilityInsurance

What Is Professional Liability Insurance?

Just as plumbers, carpenters, and repairpersons are «licensed and bonded,» tech professionals often have to carry Professional Liability Insurance in case there’s a leak in the digital plumbing, so to speak. What Is Professional Liability Insurance?   Professional Liability Insurance (also called Errors & Omissions Insurance) is a business insurance policy that covers client lawsuits […]

Insurance for Home-Based Small Business #InsuranceHome

Home-Based Small Business

If a small business is also one that is considered a «home-based business», it may not currently have the types of insurance it requires. A homeowner’s insurance policy does not generally cover business inventory or equipment, even if the business operates completely out of the home. Most likely, a home-based small business insurance policy will […]

Criminal Small Business Insurance #CriminalSmallBusinessInsurance

Criminal Small Business Insurance

There are several types of malicious acts that could affect the small business, including vandalism, theft, embezzlement, and hacking. Coverage with criminal insurance can help protect against these occurrences. Why Business Crime Insurance?   Often the small business owner has a small number of trusted employees. An act such as embezzlement by one of these […]

Errors and Omissions Small Business Insurance #OmissionsSmallBusinessInsurance

Omissions Small Business Insurance

Errors and omissions small business insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, or, to medical professionals, as malpractice insurance, provides protection to professionals in the event that a mistake is made by the professional. This type of insurance is a form of liability coverage that protects professionals who provide services or advice […]

Umbrella Small Business Insurance #SmallBusinessInsurance

Small Business Insurance

Umbrella liability insurance covers the small business for issues outside the coverage and protection of general liability insurance. Umbrella policies protect the future income and assets of the insured, and are meant to be a supplemental policy to be used in conjunction with the primary business insurance policies. It is different from excess insurance because […]