7 Reasons Food Entrepreneurs May Need Vendor Insurance #BestInsuranceForSmallBusinessOwners

If you are a small food business owner, here are a few reasons to purchase vendor insurance:


  1. To protect you from product liability. If one of the products you create, manufacture, and/or sell causes harm to a customer, for example if a customer has an allergic reaction,you will be glad to have insurance to cover the cost.
  2. To allow you to expand your business with confidence. It can be intimidating to run a small business and invest your time and money into its success. Insurance can give you confidence that the effort you put into your business will be protected.
  3. To allow you to sell at markets, festivals, and other events that require liability insurance. Many events, fairs, and festivals require that their vendors purchase a liability insurance policy and add the event as an additional insured. A vendor insurance program like FLIP allows vendors to add additional insureds at no additional cost.
  4. To protect your business personal property. One of the investments that you make as a vendor is in property for your business. The right vendor insurance can protect you from financial loss if that property is damaged.
  5. To protect you in case of damage to a rented premises. This is especially important for vendors who rent a commercial kitchen where they prepare their goods.
  6. To protect you in case of third-party injury. This is one of the most common scenarios we hear about at FLIP. An example of this might be a patron tripping on an extension cord or a cup of hot coffee spilling on a customer.
  7. #BestInsuranceForSmallBusinessOwners
    To take advantage of a great program meant to help small food businesses. Because, through FLIP, it is easy to get the best insurance for small business owners quickly. FLIP’s innovative program allows small food business owners to purchase a liability insurance policy from an “A+” rated carrier in minutes online for a competitive price.


If you would like to learn more about the Food Liability Insurance Program, visit our homepage or contact us. We would be happy to hear from you.

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